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Yoga did not get boring , we stopped asking questions.

All yoga teachers are not made equal . We differ in our life experiences, athletic abilities and our own teachers who influence the way we teach. Personally for a long time , As a student , an athletic practice helped me to stay committed, it slowly changed to spiritual inquiry and then to understand the anatomy of my physical body . Now as a teacher , I have found a way to implement all them in my classes. Invest time to understand what might help you to show up to own your practice consistently. It will changes over years , so be prepared to be open about that.


As a student , you have to take ownership of what ignites your curiosity, what helps you to keep progressing in your practice and lastly how does this improve your life. That’s what helps to continue on your yoga journey . Yoga did not get boring , we stopped asking questions.


Savitha Enner


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