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Namaskara !

Savitha Enner grew up in India and studied yoga at the feet of her ancestors and teachers learning yogic life .She has integrated these teachings with over 700hr teacher training she had taken in the US to help her students adopt the ancient teachings into modern day practices. She teaches Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Vedic Chanting and vegetarian cooking classes to immerse  Yoga as a foundation for a holistic  and purposeful life.  Her Yoga  classes are alignment based vinyasa style practices intending to  ignite curiosity among her students about their body, energy and mind. She believes that yoga is a practice for self realization.



Word on the Street

Savitha was the first instructor I practiced with when I began my yoga journey in January 2019.  She has helped me tremendously, as she takes the time to break down poses and offers adjustments throughout her classes. Friendly and knowledgeable, I consider myself lucky to have Savitha as my teacher.

Sue Crystal

Savitha is an engaging, experienced teacher with a deep knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and how to build strength in any posture.  I appreciate how she breaks down a pose and says we are all beginners on our yoga journey.  Closing practice with meditation and chanting are my favorite parts.  Wonderful class.  Amazing teacher.

Alexandra Ainztstein

Savitha’s classes are not only a place to care for one’s body and soul but also to learn so much from her amazing spirit.   I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to join Savitha’s class again in recent months as her classes have moved online. It has become the most important activity in my weekend and kept me energized for the rest of the week. Her wisdom brings a lot of perspective on everything in life and this is noticeable even by people who have only interacted with her briefly. I recently asked Savitha to treat my team to a meditation session and since then my team have been quoting her in our meetings and reminding everyone of her advice. Just makes me realize how lucky I am to know Savitha!

Mai El- Chehaly 


Word on the Street


I always learn something new when I take your classes. Your cooking class helped to learn more about spices,make nutritious meals for my family and explore Indian cuisine.All your recipes are easy to follow and easy guide for coming up with my version of these recipes.I cannot wait to take another one of your classes soon.


ambali 3.JPG

Truly blown away by everything! from table set up, music and great company.Your food.. No matter how elaborate everything was, your food will always stand out as the star of the evening. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. You create the comfort food everyone needs. Thank you again and dont ever stop sharing your amazing gift.

Erika Kristo


There are several light bulb moments in your cooking class but the way you compare cilantro chutney to pesto, Curry base to marinara and Kichidi to risotto made it so easy for my American brain to understand how I could use these recipes and cooking tips to eat  more healthy meals. You have taught me how to develop  a loving relationship with the food I eat and serve.


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