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1 of 3 part ( stocking your pantry for Indian cooking)

Start with the basic spices and add more as you explore your way into India cooking.

Click on the link for a downloadable pdf for 

  1. Names of spices

  2. Where to buy them in U.S.

  3. How to use them and make your spice blends.

  4. Some simple recipes to use your spices.


Classes and more


Rich Indian culture and cuisines are inseparable.The recipes are passed on are by learning to be around these ingredients, watching mothers and grandmothers cook, and customizing the meal to make it your own.If you love Indian food but get intimidated by or have found it hard to source the ingredients for your favorite Indian dishes, then this 2-hour class is perfect for you! Join me in my kitchen and fall in love with indian spieces.


Supperclub is an event where you join other food enthusiast at my dining table for a 5 course vegetarian meal uniquely crafted and prepared for the event inspired by diverse Indian cuisines and seasonal local produce. Imagine a pop up restaurant with private dining experience with a special menu for the evening. Bring a friend or make new friends over food and drinks. This once a month event has limited 8 spots and fills up quickly.To receive monthly invite ,join our email group by connecting through


 Indian food is known for its diverse cuisine, spice blends and cooking with scientific (ayurvedic) and seasonal produce. In ancient India, regional food habits were primarily based on a holistic approach to nutrition as required by local people which suited their jobs, lifestyle and health needs. The wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda teaches us to be mindful of what, when and how we eat. If you want to start on this of understanding your body type,foods to eat and other daily rituals,contact for group or private sessions.


Truly blown away by everything! from table set up,music and great company.Your food.. No matter how elaborate everything was,your food will always stand out as the star of the evening. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. You create the comfort food everyone needs. Thank you again and dont ever stop sharing your amazing gift.

Erika Kristo

What a delightful and delicious evening Savitha! my tatsebuds are still savoring the delicious flavors,my nose delights in the amazing aromas and my heart is warmed by your wonderful cooking. 
A delightful night seeing friends and making new friends.

Karen Merhige

I always learn something new when I take your classes. Your cooking class helped to learn more about spices,make nutritious meals for my family and explore Indian cuisine.All your recipes are easy to follow and easy guide for coming up with my version of these recipes.I cannot wait to take another one of your classes soon.



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