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I do not understand the word self care ..

I do not understand self care without attaching it to something negative, like there is something lacking. When my days are filled with responsibilities and things which I completely took it upon myself willingly in own little privileged world, I do not see the need for self care.But , as a person who lacks organizational skills, I need to readjust, recharge and gain perspective periodically. It’s almost a need which has to be taken care of only by myself. It is not a pity party, self consoling or self love. It is a part of my work/ responsibility to this body and mind. I know a lot of people in my life how do not need this, they are completely blissful in their everyday work but I am not them. I have a need for space , nature and creativity.

How do I pick what to do for a mini retreat? I usually think / meditate about it . I do not like beaches in the peak of summer, with scorching sun, too many people , too much humidity and also my brown skin doesn’t need any suntan. That’s when I crave mountains with breeze, cool water and heavy scented flowers . Right now, when it’s not so cold that my face will be ripped by the windchill, I like the quietness of beach, almost sweet salty breeze , soft colors in the clouds and company of one friend to break too much thinking.

If you are like me and the word self care doesn’t make sense to you , ask yourself what do you NEED? . The answer is not in the glossy travel magazine, advertisements for bath soaps and essential oils or what others are supposedly doing for fun or to heal. If your body is achy and need a massage, it’s not self care - it’s a need of the body, if your mind wouldn’t settle and you need privacy- it’s the need of your mind.Let it come from a place of clear thinking, peaceful mind and cravings of the heart. That answer is probably true only to you and nobody else. The more we can pry ourselves from the consensus of the masses , the more healed we will ever be.



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