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This is Savitha Enner,

 a Private chef and a Yoga teacher living in Maryland, USA spreading the joy of home-cooking and simple living. I host private dinner events, and cooking classes inspired by my hometown Bengaluru, India.


In this space, I share recipes, my thoughts on yogic living for modern times and here to serve perfect Dosa ever single time. 

You can also find me on Instagram @cooklikeayogi



I teach yoga in various studios in Ellicott city, Maryland along with seasonal workshops which are themed around yoga philosophy, chanting, pranayama and asana. The continuous study of Yoga philosophy has helped to understand and make sense of this crazy life.



 Indian food is known for its diverse cuisine, spice blends and cooking with scientific (ayurvedic) and seasonal produce. In ancient India, regional food habits were primarily based on a holistic approach to nutrition as required by local people which suited their jobs, lifestyle and health needs.

Home Grown Vegetables


I love to garden, cook the gifts of nature and share the abundance with my friends and neighbors. Though I miss my family and home country very much, I am grateful for this wonderful life we have created here.

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"From Ellicott City, MD to Leeds, England Savitha’s classes saved my sanity!"

I first met Savitha in Ellicott City, MD after telling a friend about how my hands would not stop shaking because of anxiety and !.Savitha’s classes were not only a place to care for one’s body and soul but also to learn so much from her amazing spirit. I then moved out of the US and spent a few years trying different yoga classes here in UK and never found one I connected. 


I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to join Savitha’s class again in recent months as her classes have moved online. It has become the most important activity in my weekend and kept me energized for the rest of the week. Her wisdom brings a lot of perspective on everything in life and this is noticeable even by people who have only interacted with her briefly.


I recently asked Savitha to treat my team to a meditation session and since then my team have been quoting her in our meetings and reminding everyone of her advice. Just makes me realize how lucky I am to know Savitha!



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