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What feeds you ? What fuels you?

Food is the not the only thing that fuels me. 

First rays of sun feeds me , so does the cool evening breeze. 

The morning dew, cool wet grass , the scent of jasmine and cup of chai .

Long walks with a friend, silly talk with my child.  

Meaningful conversations with women

Dreaming about our future over  a glass of wine with my man . 

A warm bowl of soup with a crusty bread and a juicy piece of fruit

A challenging yoga practice and moments of quite. 

All these and so much more. 

Everyday mundane shakes me by the shoulder 

and asks to make time for what truly feeds me. 

If I receive and feed from so many sources, I feel a need to feed you too. 

So ask away , I am sure there is enough to gather and share. 

I have realized its not wise to pull the water from the same well every time I am  thirsty or hungry. Sometimes a cool sweet watermelon fuels my body, sometimes a hearty soup gives me warmth .A cup of hot Chai kicks my day going and sometimes a crisp cucumber refreshes me. There is time for an indulgent Pizza and time for a nourishing smoothie bowl.  Have you thought about what ALL that fuels you. Its not just about meal plans, diet plans or thoughtless convenience. Its not another list of things we make and assign what will fuel while doing WHAT?.

 Its really about connecting with ALL you do to live a life you want .




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