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Some wedding fun and building community..

It was a freaking 7 day wedding and I caught the last 4days of celebrations. There is chaos and compromises,music and food,hour long rituals after rituals. I have not been in this kind of wedding in 15years. You have to be in the middle of IT to understand how a community of people can come together to make week long event happen. There are no event planners, there is plan as how all the ceremonies have to go and the plan goes out of the window the very first day. You have to learn adapt , make changes, play by the ear and keep going. There are rough words exchanged, we hug it out and into the next ceremony.

I watched an entire moving set built in few hours for the bride and grooms procession( you heard it right) with all bells and whistles. These are budget friendly decorations made with pride, so much joy and ultimately with some much love that you cannot help but feel it. I saw every single mini event come together in minutes in midst of friendly banter and arguments. But ultimately the essence of building something for community always wins. The more I watch , the more I connect and the more I get involved with people from diverse walks of life my belief that we all crave the sense of belonging is becoming stronger.

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