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Role models and asking the Question ?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Seeking answers for creative endeavors is not an easy path. In this one week, I have been asked by 3 different people to find one person who I want to model life on.One person whom I look up-to , how I want to design my work and life.  First it came came from a dear friend who is helping me find some clarity ,one from a fabulous  brand coach who is helping me narrate my story and one from a workshop I am taking for channeling my creative writing.  Its not that I do not have any role models, I am easily inspired. I can get inspiration from a book, a quote from a book, a video, a clip from a video, a podcast, saying or act of inspiration as it unravels before my eyes. 

But what do I think success is ?  Who do I model my life for that success ? Let me put it in a crude way , Whose life do I envy the most ?  Its been very a challenging search. My first act was of impulsion was to get an easy answer. Lets ask google, “Who is the most successful …. ?” I filled that spot with 10 different words in frustration. Of course there was no answer. That is my nature, I always try to find the most laziest way to find answers. 99% of the time it does not work for me. Then,I pause and  sit for a few minutes and ask questions. What do I think success is? Whose work am I always drawn to? What are the books I always  gravitate towards? Who do I listen to when I am driving ? 

I realized I am drawn to philosophers who give clear directions. I like smelling roses and I  like teachers who give me tools to help enhance my sense of smell. I like practicing asana/postures and like teachers who give specific instructions to enhance my awareness of bones and muscles. I like cooking and tend to follow recipes which talk about the evolution and culture of that particular food. I like gardening and drawn to people who talk about mending soil for better harvest.Then there are areas of my life where I go with the flow and like to hold my face against the wind. There are specific tools I like to gather and also make space for nature to teach me the lessons. So, I am drawn to people who can talk about big pictures but give specific tool to go at it one day at a time. I am drawn to people who can hold 2 opposite thoughts in their head and act as the situation calls, I am drawn to people who are creative, who embrace the complex,  who are aware of their weakness and strength, I am  not drawn to people who give quick fixes ( 5 minute meals, loose 10 pounds in a week, Do this for 10days and see what happens, 2minutes of spirituality  ). I am not saying they don’t work, I am saying , I don’t get drawn to those ideas or people. 

After searching for that answer for a month and 20 days, I still haven’t found that one person. Is my so ego big that I cannot identify myself with anybody or am I person with no true identity. These questions definitely make me more curious but they do not frustrate me. Frustration was trying to find the answer in that given frame of time. So, for now I am happy to embrace bits and pieces of people who inspire me and if I happen to find that one person who I can model my life with , that will be a lucky bonus. 

Who do you model your life on ?Have you asked that question to yourself ever ? Do you have a better way of exploring this question? Leave me a comment on people , books or articles which might point all of us in answering this question. That will be so very helpful. 


Savitha Enner

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