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Practice, Teaching and Testimonials

When I practice yoga asana, most of my practice is about what I learn about my body and mind but a small part is also about being curious about how to articulate the same pose in different ways for the benefit of my students. Once I decide the topic or theme for that months classes , I spend time with yoga anatomy books, notes and yoga philosophy texts to strengthen my teaching. When I was just a practitioner of yoga and not a teacher , I did all this work but only from the perspective of my growth in the practice. Now , as a teacher , I have the privilege of noticing several bodies who ask very interesting questions which leads me to think in several different way which would not have happened if teaching yoga was not my job.

My job as a teacher is to give a frame work and lead my students to explore their bodies and mind. My job is not to give prophecies or answer in certitude. My job is to help my students be better seekers. Sometimes I use metaphors, stories and often how I FEEL in the pose with the intention of igniting the curiosity. Like everyone, I doubt whether my instructions reaches my students . I am fortunate enough to have students who will share if they did not understand something I explained but also very generous with their testimonial. These kind words bring me joy but more importantly helps me to develop and nurture the curiosity in my own practice .

A new addition to my teaching schedule.

Monday 6PM to 7PM - A very beginner level class.

This class is not a workout style class. This class will help you to understand the basics of postures , breathing and meditation. Send me an email to to join.

Kind words of encouragement from my students .

Great class Savitha , the whole class was like meditation. Felt refreshed and relaxed after the class. You are such an excellent teacher. - Chandana

I am really enjoying these classes and am amazed at how quickly I am feeling results. Unfortunately my knee sometimes disagrees quite loudly like it was doing last night. I'll continue to make modifications on my end, but please let me know if there is a better way to do it. I'm getting so much out of these lessons. You are a great teacher. - Leigh Middleton

That was such a great class. I have been finding it hard to practice yoga for years so it has been nice to commit to Mondays. I am interested in doing more Monday classes

- Marian McLaughlin

I’d like to keep coming to Monday night at 6:00. It’s a good time for me and I learn quite a bit . - Anne Sommer

The class is awesome. I look forward every week for your class, there is so much to learn every time. I feel so energized after the class, I feel strong and flexible. - Karisma Syed



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