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30 day meditation practice .. Want to try ???

I read somewhere….

Groups search for consensus ,Individuals search for truth.

30 day meditation practice .. Want to give it a try ??? Let me know

Meditation is something we all say we want to do but very few actually practice. I read somewhere…. Groups search for consensus ,Individuals search for truth.

Why is it hard to meditate ? Its a very challenging question and I don’t think there is a simple answer. I will try to answer truthfully without simplifying or watering it down too much.

When it comes to well being, we are more attracted to practices which address our physical well being . We understand physical body more easily than our mind. So, it only makes sense that we are more inclined to practice and develop interest in running, biking, swimming, zumba, cross fit, lifting weights and various sports ( you get the idea) which serves our body. Also, our choices of work or hobbies are limited if we do not have a robust and fit body.

Concentration Vs Meditation

Lots of students/friends do say that running, dancing, gardening, cooking, swimming are like meditation because mindful repetitive or creative actions can be therapeutic. We can use above said all physical exercise as tool or act of concentration. But being/sitting still in meditation is a different practice. A meditation practice requires as little or no physical movement at all. The idea is to quite our physical body so that we can pay attention to our mind. How would you benefit from meditation???

Example :

One of them is resolving my internal conversation, argument or commentary.

I was explaining this concept to one of my students in class the other day. Its like when you try to unsubscribe from a retailer's mailing list. You hate all the coupon codes, sale bonanzas, year end sale, summer sale newsletters cluttering your inbox. You don't even remember subscribing to their email.It distracts you from getting to the real important emails but you still have not taken time to unsubscribe from their list. But, one day you had enough of it. You call the customer service , or answer a five page survey or read the fine print and finally hit that unsubscribe button. Suddenly you stop getting emails from that retailer. There is small fist bump or mental pat back on the back. Oh! there are other 100 retailers to take care of but its better when its one less.

Personal example:

I would have this nagging conversation with myself about an unresolved relationship with a friend. We were acquittances ,became friends and parted ways for no good reason

( according to me). This bothered me enough that I would think about the reasons weeks after, months after and years after. It would just pop up while driving, cooking, in shower ,in my dreams and sometimes while I was having a serious conversation with someone.During one of my days of meditation practice, that unresolved friendship popped up . I gave it enough time, heard all sides of conversations and let my mind run its course.After about 40 or 50 minutes there was nothing left to argue. I got up from my mediation practice, searched up my inbox for that friends email. I composed an email apologizing for any wrongdoing from my side and thanked for our time together. Thats it…

To this day, whenever that thought pops back in my mind randomly ,it does not demand the same amount of time or attention from me. Truthfully, that thought rarely makes its appearance.Your experience from a meditation practice will be very different than mine. Every time you sit still for a period of time, you will have a different experience, not always pleasant.But give it time, your commitment and you will reap the benefits. It is said that it takes 21days to form a new habit, I personally think it takes about 60 to 90 days. So, lets meet at the middle and commit to a 30 day practice. If you want to try ,then join me and few others in this ….A month long commitment to sit still and observe. From July 1st to july 30th

What do you need to do?

Send me your email id to or message me your email id..

I will send you :

  • weekly guidelines

  • Practice choices

  • Discussion space

  • or any answer question which you might have.

Hope you can join me.



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