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I ask for help often and I lend my hand in return when asked.

My working time is usually divided between cooking and Yoga AND then there is all things family related. This weekend has been a series of cooking related time and yoga classes. But I cannot do this alone. A friend will my drop child off from school because I am in the middle of prepping, a friend will help me during the cooking class to take stress off, another friend will stay back and help me do the mountain of dishes, a friend/ neighbor will come and drop me to yoga studio as my car wouldn’t start, a text to a student will ensure that things are under control until I reach the studio, another student drops me back home, another friend will pick up my children to track practice so I can teach my late evening yoga class.

So, I am never doing all these things alone and pretend to do all this myself. It takes a village and community of people to uplift each other so we all can do what we do best. Surrounding myself with great people has been my only biggest strength and achievement to help and manure through my crazy life. I love everyone of them . I ask for help often and I lend my hand in return when asked.

There is space for everyone here to do what we love doing toward the betterment of society. Ask for help, offer support and watch miracles happen .

Ps: pic from a private yoga class for women who support each other. Teaching here, ask for support as if you are placing a gentle hand on your friends shoulder not to burden them until they drop.

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